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Quality Oracle Group

" Protect Your Brand Because It's Your Identity "

Intellectual  Property

Intellectual Property (IP) is our expertise. We cover the full IP spectrum and are dedicated to helping our clients to manage their portfolio of patents or utility innovations, trade marks and industrial designs, from search of prior applications and advise on registrability, application, overcoming potential objections and oppositions, to registration, watching service, renewal and dealing with infringement. Quality Oracle Group promises clients a hassle-free IP procedure staying away from ambiguity by providing reliable IP services consistent with the practical needs of the clients through our personal attention with absolute confidentiality and within effective time frame. 

Corporate Advisory

In an endeavour to accommodate client’s business needs, we offer corporate advisory solutions to handle Malaysian Investment Development Authority (MIDA) and Royal Custom Department related works, including application for incorporation of Representative Offices, Regional Offices, Pioneer Status, Operational Headquarters, International Procurement Centre and Import Duty Exemptions.