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Quality Oracle Group provides corporate advisory solutions to administer tasks related to the Malaysian Investment Development Authority (MIDA) and the Royal Custom Department. Our firm has succeeded in assisting numerous local and international companies in securing Pioneer Status or Investment Tax Allowance incentives concerning manufacturing set-ups in Malaysia.

Malaysian Investment Development Authority

malaysian investment development authority

The Malaysian Investment Development Authority, abbreviated MIDA, previously known as Malaysian Industrial Development Authority is the government’s principal agency to oversee and drive investment into the manufacturing and services sectors in Malaysia.

Royal Malaysian Customs Department

royal malaysian customs department

The Royal Malaysian Customs Department, abbreviated RMC or JKDM, is the Malaysian Government agency responsible for administrating the nation’s indirect tax policy, border enforcement and narcotic offences. In other words, KDRM administers seven main and thirty-nine subsidiary laws.

Corporate Advisory Services

We offer the following Corporate Advisory services, tailor-made to your unique business needs:

✔ Application for Incorporation of Representative Offices
✔ Application for Incorporation of Regional Offices
✔ Application for Pioneer Status
✔ Application for Operational Headquaters
✔ Application for International Procurement Centre
✔ Application for Import Duty Exemptions

Our Achievements

Our dedicated team of corporate advisory professionals have consistently produced successful results in challenging business environments since 1993. Our achievements include the establishment of Representative Offices or Regional Offices for Multinational Corporations. We have been successful with the following companies:

AVK International A/S Denmark
abs pumps
ABS Pumps International A/B Sweden
Emborg Foods A/S Denmark
Arla Foods Amba Denmark
md foods
MD Foods Amba Denmark
kraft heinz
Heinz United States of America
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