Juventus Striker Paulo Dybala Resolves Image Rights Dispute

Juventus Striker Paulo Dybala Resolves Image Rights Dispute

(image: SkySports)

The Argentinan foward reaches conclusion to longstanding image rights case with former agent Pierpaolo Triulzi.

Dybala is expected to pay an estimated sum of five to six million euros to resolve the image rights case dating back to 2015, prior to the footballer’s involvement with current club Juventus.

The image rights dispute has previosuly prevented Dybala from leaving Juventus in previous years, notably in summer 2019 with Tottenham Hotspur and Manchester United expressing significant interest in the striker. Due to the unsetlled dispute, Tottenham Hotspur failed to secure Dybala’s transfer to the club despite advanced arrangements made by both clubs and Dybala himself. (source)

Due to Dybala’s selling of his image rights to a third party company owned by Triulzi, Tottenham Hotspur would have been required to negotiate with the company to use Dybala’s image to sell merchandise. It has been reported that Tottenham has been quoted for £14 million to purchase the Argentinian’s image rights. Tottenham refused and Dybala’s transfer to the London club was voided. (source)

Whilst the selling of a player’s image rights to a third party company isn’t entirely uncommon in the world of football, clubs looking to sign players who have entered into such an agreement with third party companies will need to secure an image rights deal with the relevant parties prior to commercialising the player’s image.

Image rights, also known as publicity rights, involve the rights an individual owns in their personality. This includes the individual’s name, likeness, voice, image, signature, slogan, logos and personal brand. Image rights companies are legal and work to protect the individual from unlicensed use of their image from third parties for publicity or monetisation.

A resolution to Dybala’s image rights is markedly timely as it will ease negotiations during the January transfer market for the footballer. Juve are expected to offer Dybala a new contract offer to see him remain at the club despite both parties being unable to reach an agreement previously. Reports suggest Dybala will be sold by the club should he reject the latest contract renewal. (source)

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