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What is Copyright?

A copyright is an intellectual property right which protects original works of authorship in, but not exclusive to, the cultural, arts, and technology sectors. Copyright is a legal form of protection used by creators, authors, designers, architects of such works to protect original works including literary, dramatic, musical, and artistic works, such as poetry, novels, movies, songs, computer software, and architectural drawings.

Berne Convention

Intellectual Property Trademark Patent Industrial Design Copyright Malaysia Singapore Registration Application

Malaysia is a member state of the Berne Convention.

Berne Convention gives automatic copyright protection to original works without the need for registration. A work is eligible for protection automatically upon the fulfillment of the following conditions:

Sufficient effort has been expanded to make the work original in character
The work has been written down, recorded or reduced to a material form
The author is a qualified person, or the work is made in Malaysia, or the work is first published in Malaysia

Copyright Act 1987

Intellectual Property Trademark Patent Industrial Design Copyright Malaysia Singapore Registration Application

The main legislation governing copyright in Malaysia is the Copyright Act 1987. This Act provides a voluntary registration system of copyrighted works in Malaysia for the purposes of identifying and distinguishing the titles and ownership of works. This system serves as a prima facie evidence in the Court of Law with reference to disputes related to copyright.

How Can We Help You Protect Your Copyright?

Our team of Intellectual Property professionals are highly skilled in conducting all matters relating to copyright protection and registration, from the beginning to the end of the registration process.

We can assist you with:

✔ Copyright Statutory Declaration Drafting
✔ Copyright Voluntary Notification Filing
✔ Copyright Licensing
✔ Copyright Portfolio Management
✔ Copyright Renewal
✔ Copyright Sale
✔ Copyright Registration in Malaysia, ASEAN & Worldwide

Copyright Protection & Registration FAQ

Copyright in an original work belongs to the author, or author(s), in the case of a work of joint authorship. Owners of copyrighted works in literary, musical or artistic works, films and sound recordings have the exclusive rights to control:

The reproduction in any material form
The communication to the public
The performance, showing or playing to the public
The distribution of copies to the public by sale or other transfer of ownership
The commercial rental to the public

Works eligible for copyright protection are as follows:

Literary works
Musical works
Artistic works
Sound recordings
Derivative works and more

Copyright protection is not granted to any idea, procedure, method of operation or mathematical concepts.

A literary, musical or artistic work will not be eligible for copyright unless (1) Sufficient effort has been expended to make the work original in character, and; (2) The work has been written down, recorded or otherwise reduced to material form.

The duration of copyright in each category is variable. For literary, musical or artistic works, copyright subsists during the life of the author and 50 years after the death of the author.


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