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Malaysia Registered Address

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We pride ourselves on being one of the leading providers of company registered addresses in Malaysia. Our team of professionals have 29 years of experience in company registration & incorporation services, serving a full range of clients in Malaysia & worldwide.

Company Registered Address Service

Companies registered in Malaysia require a registered office address when lodged with Companies Commission of Malaysia (SSM). The registered address will be a functional address for storing the company’s statutory documents and files, delivering official correspondence documents to the company and its directors or shareholders and keeping storage of company information and data.

Quality Oracle provides a credible office address in Malaysia for individuals and businesses who have lodged with SSM for company registration. Upon registration of address, address information may be used on the company’s official documents such as business cards and letterheads.

Why Use A Registered Business Address?

Using our credible registered address in Malaysia located in the heart of the Klang Valley, Malaysia will demonstrate your company as a valid and established business in the country.

Maintain your personal address as private by using our registered office address.

Leave the dirty work in our hands – we offer a quick and easy setup, free of charge.

Can’t wait to get things up and running? We feel the same. Upon receiving your request, we will administer the registered address service within 3 working days.

What We Offer

✔ Credible Office Address in Klang Valley, Malaysia
✔ Free Setup of Registered Address
✔ Shared Fax Number
✔ Mail Scanning

We are proud to offer flexibility in our Company Registered Service Packages suited to your dyanmic business needs.
Get in touch to discuss what works best for you and your company.

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