YouTube’s ‘Erase Song’ Feature for Music Copyright Management

YouTube’s ‘Erase Song’ Feature for Music Copyright Management

YouTube’s AI-powered software now allows creators to remove clips of copyrighted music from their videos. 

The American video sharing platform has rolled out an updated ‘Erase Song’ technology for content creators to erase copyrighted audio from videos while retaining all other audio within the content itself. 

Previously, content creators receiving music copyright infringement claims were only able to mute or trim clips from existing content. A beta version of ‘Erase Song’ was an option for creators, however the previous feature lacked accuracy – an issue remedied in the updated version of ‘Erase Song’. (1)

The AI-powered algorithm behind ‘Erase Song’ aims to remove copyrighted music accurately whilst leaving other types of audio, such as speech, dialog and sound effects in place within the video.

Creators will need to access ‘Erase Song’ via  the Video Copyright Summary page in YouTube Studio. They will have two options: 

  1. ‘Erase Song’ feature: Identifies and erases all copyrighted audio from the video, thus leaving other audio in place within the video; 
  2. ‘Mute All Sound’ feature: Erases all and including copyrighted audio from the video. (2)

Many content creators are no stranger to being hit with a copyright infringement claim on YouTube. Solutions have been present but not completely satisfactory to creators, as audio removing features prior to ‘Erase Song’ tampers with the quality and presentation of the finalized video content. 

Creators have also lost out to whole videos, or faced the removal of whole content on YouTube due to copyright claims. Videos are also demonetised until copyright claims have been revoked, affecting those who depend on YouTube for income. 

YouTube’s AI-driven ‘Erase Song’ provides an effective solution to creators who wish to retain as much as possible the original footage of an existing video hit by copyright claims. 

‘Erase Song’ will be made available on YouTube Studio desktop and mobile in the following weeks. 

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