Formula 1 Trademark Dispute Over ‘Greatest Spectacle In Racing’ Slogan

Formula 1 Trademark Dispute Over ‘Greatest Spectacle In Racing’ Slogan

The use of trademarked slogan ‘The Greatest Spectacle In Racing’ by Formula 1 has raised concerns at the Indianapolis Motor Speedway (IMS), occurring twice during the 2023 season.

Indianapolis Motor Speedway (IMS), a motor racing circuit located in Indiana, U.S., has held the slogan-trademark since 1986 since under ownership of Hulman and Company. IMS expressed disappointment over the repeated infringements by Formula One due to the unauthorised utilization of its trademark, ‘The Greatest Spectacle in Racing,’ particularly during the 2023 season.

Discussions between IMS president Doug Boles and commerical rights holders of F1, Liberty Media, took place last year to address the issue. However, both parties have failed to arrive at an agreed upon resolution. The phrase was trademarked by Hulman and Company, the previous owner of IMS, before the sale to Roger Penske in 1986.

Disappointed by the recurring infringements, IMS is decisive in safeguarding its intellectual property rights and to confront the matter head on with relevant parties.

The infringements include rapper LL Cool J describing F1 as ‘the greatest spectacle in motorsports’ during the introduction to the Miami Grand Prix. The second infringement occurred in a video related to the Las Vegas Grand Prix, of which media referred to the aforementioned Grand Prix as the ‘greatest spectacle on the planet.’

During the start of a new season, U.S. sports channel ESPN described F1 as ‘the greatest spectacle in motorsports.’

Boles has expressed his frustrations by these repeated trademark violations and is committed to protecting IMS’s intellectual property rights. He stated that IMS is prepared to take every measure necessary to address the matter and protect its brand.

Boles emphasizes the importance to safeguard its trademarks dilligently, which are frequently exploited through merchandise utilisating such slogans as part of their designs. He also believes there is a need for others to create their own brand identity without infringing upon theirs.

‘You have to enforce it every single time,’ he told the Indianapolis Star.

‘We will once again address it with the appropriate people and are prepared to take every measure possible to protect our brand’s intellectual property.’

‘Sometimes people give us a hard time when we shut down a mom-and-pop company, but if you don’t shut [them] down, and someone like F1 does this, then you have no standing to shut them down. But it’s harder these days. You didn’t use to have all these different mediums.’

source: autosport; sinews

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