Kanye West Attempts to Trademark Phrase ‘God Save America’ for Presidential Campaign

Kanye West Attempts to Trademark Phrase ‘God Save America’ for Presidential Campaign

American rapper Kanye West has allegedly filed a trademark for the phrase ‘God Save America,’ three weeks prior to the U.S. election polls. 

The 21-time Grammy award winner launched his bid for the White House in the summer of 2020 via social media platform Twitter – an unconventional move that has led many to question West’s true intentions. 

We must now realize the promise of America by trusting God, unifying our vision and building our future. I am running for president of the United States! #2020VISION

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West has been accused for inserting himself unnecessarily into the U.S. elections as a publicity stunt, but the ‘Gold Digger’ hitmaker appears to be proving the naysayers wrong by going the extra mile to get his presidential message across to the masses. 

Three months later, TMZ broke the news that West is attempting to gain the rights to the phrase ‘God Save America’. 

Religion is at the front and center of West’s presidential campaign as he calls for prayer, faith and God to make for a prosperous America. Therefore it is no surprise that West’s decision to file the mark ‘God Save America’ as an attempt to devise a catchy and definitive slogan for his presidential campaign, akin to Obama’s ‘Yes We Can’, Trump’s ‘Make America Great Again’ and Sanders’ ‘Feel the Bern.’ 

According to reports, the phrase will be used on garments to be sold such as T-shirts, sweatshirts and hoodies. The trademark was officially filed by Yeezy, LLC, on October 7th, as evidenced on the USTPO website

Yeezy is a collaboration between West and German sportswear brand Adidas. Over the years, the duo have released a line of premium trainers under the brand Adidas Yeezys, with a pair of trainers costing at least 200 USD. 

West is no stranger to selling merchandise based on Christianity, such as Jesus is King and Sunday Service apparel. 

West’s campaign trail has previously drawn negative criticism due to a large number of invalid signatures that appeared on West’s ballot. West and his team has been under investigation for election fraud since, although it is undetermined if an outcome has come to fruition on the matter.

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