L’Oreal Leads Trademark Filings in 2023

L’Oreal Leads Trademark Filings in 2023

As reported by the World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO), household names in the fashion and beauty industry stood out in 2023 by increasing their international trademark applications despite a worldwide decrease.

The world’s largest beauty company, L’Oreal, led the way as the brand filed a grand total of 199 international trademark applications, an increase from 170 trademark filings from the year prior. The French beauty giant sought protection on classes ranging from toiletry preparations to business management with trademarks filed in more than 50 countries. The company focused on gaining protection in the U.K., Canada and Japan as these three countries received the strongest IP coverage. 

Rival company Shiseido followed suit as the Japanese beauty brand increased its trademark applications from 98 in the previous year to 103 in 2023. Similarly, Shiseido sought trademark protection for toiletry preparations amongst other beauty apparatuses. Trademarks were filed in 22 countries for the Japanese company, with a focus in the European Union Intellectual Property Office (EU), South Korea, U.S. and China. 

Despite huge gains made by companies such as L’Oreal and Shiseido, overall international trademark applications decreased by 7% in 2023 to 64,200 filings as reported by WIPO. 

Not all beauty companies made strides in trademark filings. Fellow French beauty companies Guerlain, LVMH Fragrance and Parfum Christian Dior lowered the number of trademarks filed in 2023. Increase in filings were observed for others, such as timepiece brand Rolex and luxury jeweler Cartier, with a total of 22 and 19 applications filed each internationally. 

WIPO’s chief economist, Carsten Fink, feels positively despite the decline in international trademark applications within the luxury and beauty landscape.

‘We believe the declines in applications reflect the currently adverse environment for innovation and entrepreneurial activity. […] We think the IP iIntellectual property] filings will pick up  once the external environment improves.’ 

Fink’s comment.

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