New Year’s Resolution: Trademark Your Brand

New Year’s Resolution: Trademark Your Brand

Who wants to start off the New Year with a bang? We sure do, and getting one step ahead on your business objectives is a strong way to do it. Start with trademark registration. 

Each successful brand has an identifier, be it in image, name, logo, colour or phrase. You name it, they got it. Tiffany blue. McDonald’s golden arches. Apple’s minimalism. The public associates a certain characteristic to these brands and most importantly, one glance is enough for an association to occur in the mind. Successful branding starts out strong, which is why companies large or small procure marketing teams to keep their images growing and consistent. 

But strong branding alone is not enough. Establishing a brand is just the beginning, protecting a brand is what keeps it dynamic. Successful brands are no strangers to copycats looking to profit off their popularity. In fact, trademark infringement is to be expected once a brand has reached a certain level of recognition. Luxury designer replicas are a good example. That is the price of fame. Therefore it is in a business’ best interest to plan ahead for curtailing such circumstances in the event of them happening. 

Trademarking: What’s In It For Me?

So how do you keep yourself safe? Look to trademark the key aspects of what makes your brand yours. Once a trademark is registered, the owner receives full rights to the mark in question. Furthermore, the mark will be protected by Intellectual Property law. Under the circumstances where it is appropriate to take an individual or corporation to court should they infringe upon your rights, you are allowed to do so. 

By establishing the unique identifiers of your brand with the law, you are actively protecting against potential misuse from third parties who may or may not be looking to profit off your hard work. This puts you one step ahead of your competitors who could potentially dilute your brand through imitation. 

Trademarking is about the long term. Building public recognition through consistent trademark use is a good way of anchoring your brand as a key player in the market. A small business may not be thinking about expansion today, but it may be on the cards tomorrow. There is no reason to miss out on an opportunity when trademark registration is available to all. Both small and large businesses benefit from trademark protection. 

Once a trademark is legally established, it lasts forever – provided it is renewed every five to ten years or so. 

Start the new year right by securing the longevity of your business via trademark registration. Let IP protection be your business ally in 2023! 

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