Phrases You Never Knew Were Christmas Trademarks: Part 1

Phrases You Never Knew Were Christmas Trademarks: Part 1

What are the common phrases that remind you of Christmas? 

There’s nothing like a festive tune and singing ‘Let It Snow!’ or ‘Deck the Halls’ to bolster the festive mood in December. But did you know many phrases related to Christmas are in fact trademarked? Retailers may need to think twice before using these trademarked expressions to sell Christmas trinkets and goodies. 

We’ve previously named five out-of-the-box Christmas inventions. Now we’d like to introduce surprising but fun Christmas trademarks!

Santa Claus Is Comin’ To Town


Most will recognise ‘Santa Claus is Comin’ to Town’ as Michael Bublé’s Christmas hit, but not many will know that the song was originally written in 1934 by J. Fred Coots and Haven Gillespie. It has since been recorded by at least 200 artists and a film with the same name inspired by the song itself was released in 1970.

The iconic phrase was filed as a trademark in December 2013 by Classic Media LLC for the sale of products in several classifications, such as lunch boxes, ceramic, china, porcelain and terracotta decorative ornaments, Christmas tree ornaments and a range of garments. 

Frosty the Snowman


‘Frosty the Snowman’ was written and recorded in the 1950s following the success of the equally famous ‘Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer’, of which both songs were recorded by singer Gene Autry.  Like ‘Santa Claus Is Comin’ To Town’, Frosty followed a similar trajectory of gaining popularity as a Christmas tune, which led to a television adaptation based on the song itself. 

‘Frosty the Snowman’ was registered as a trademark exactly 20 years ago in September 2001 by renowned mass media company Warner Bros. Entertainment Inc. The trademark is filed for the use in the production and sale of paper, photographs, stationery, playing cards, typewriters, gift wrapping paper and similar products.

All I Want For Christmas Is You

all i want for christmas

The queen of Christmas, Mariah Carey, is responsible for the immense popularity for the phrase ‘All I Want For Christmas Is You’. Released in 1994, the song has since broken several records over the years which cemented its status as one of the modern classic Christmas songs. It is reported that the song generated $60 million in royalties alone 23 years after its release. 

A trademark application for ‘All I Want For Christmas Is You’ was filed by Lotion LLC in September 2019. The trademark is registered for use in a wide range of goods and services, including candles, video games, wrapping paper, Christmas cards, towels, garments, Christmas stockings, hot chocolate, wine, eggnog and more.

Curious for more? Stay tuned for Part 2 to discover three more famous Christmas phrases that are actually protected trademarks!

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