Renew Your Trademark In Just 45 Minutes In Thailand

Renew Your Trademark In Just 45 Minutes In Thailand

The Thailand Department of Intellectual Property (DIP) announced the Fast Track program for Trademark Renewals which will streamline and increase the efficiency of trademark renewal procedures for trademark owners in Thailand.

The new trademark renewal process came into force on the 23rd February 2021, which will grant trademark owners a faster turnaround time for trademark renewals. The renewal process including the examination of the application and granting of a certificate of renewal will be completed within 45 minutes upon the time of filing. There will be no extra fees incurred with the Fast Track program.

Given the original timeframe for trademark renewals in Thailand is between 3 to 6 months, the Fast Track program is advantageous for trademark owners in Thailand who wish to speed up the renewals process at no extra cost.

There are several conditions to be met to enjoy the services provided by the Fast Track program:

  1. The total number of goods or services must not exceed 30 items.
  2. No changes may have been made to the particulars of the registration.
  3. The application must be filed at the DIP by either the owner or an appointed attorney. In the latter case, the power of attorney must authorize the attorney to collect the certificate on the owner’s behalf.
  4. Fast-track examination must be requested when the renewal application is submitted.

The DIP also introduced the Fast Track program for Trademark Registrations in Thailand which will grant potential trademark owners a start-to-finish trademark registration process in just 6 months. Should the trademark application meet the conditions set out of the DIP, face no objections from third parties alongside other extenuating circumstances, the application will be approved in 6 months in contrast to the original timeline of 16 months.

The two conditions set out by the DIP are:

  1. The total number of goods/services must not exceed 30 items.
  2. Goods/services must be selected from the DIP Website.

For more information on this development or on trademark registrations and renewals in Thailand, please get in touch with our team of Intellectual Property professionals.

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