Toyota Files ‘Land Hopper’ Trademark In Japan

Toyota Files ‘Land Hopper’ Trademark In Japan

Toyota’s brand new trademark is currently exclusive to Japan. 

Toyota has recently filed a trademark application in Japan for a vehicle named after the ‘Land Hopper.’ 

Details of the vehicle bearing the ‘Land Hopper’ branding is unknown. However, Toyota’s latest 2024 Land Cruiser presentation offers automotive addicts some insight into its future release. 

Originally discovered by users on the Land Cruiser Forum, Toyota’s new trademark is filed in the vehicle classification, which includes cars, motorcycles and bicycles. The type of automotive isn’t specified in the filing, but users have speculated ‘Land Hopper’ was introduced to the public during the Land Cruiser presentation. The depiction of Toyota’s new release is assumed to appear at the 18:39 timestamp, whereby three vehicles are shown on screen. 

These three vehicles offer insight into what the brand new ‘Land Hopper’ could be. The left vehicle is similar to the Land Cruiser. Sporting a narrower wheelbase compared to the Land Cruiser, reports have remarked this brand new SUV as a successor of the Land Cruiser Prado. The vehicle on the right is speculated to be an EV-powered 3-row midsize SUV. 

This remains speculation as the ‘Land Hopper’ is also filed in the motorcycles trademark classification. Reports point towards the possibility of an EV motorcycle debut by Toyota, something akin to an off-road electric bike. 

Chief Branding Officer Simon Humphries stated: 

‘This future could mean anything, from carbon-neutral approaches to ensuring the Land Cruiser brand is more affordable and within reach of even more people around the world. Or it may even mean exploring new approaches to mobility that enhance not only the Land Cruiser experience, but also further people’s freedom in motion.’

Humphries’ speech points towards a potential development in Toyota’s vehicle lineup, perhaps a focus in its electric vehicle offerings with affordability and portability as its central point. 

Toyota also filed for a separate trademark named ‘Tazuna’ on the same day. No speculation has been made as to which product lineup ‘Tazuna’ belongs to. 

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