5 Festive Patents for the Ho! Ho! Ho!-lidays

5 Festive Patents for the Ho! Ho! Ho!-lidays

Tis’ the season to discover out-of-the-box Christmas inventions! 

Festive products line the shelves each year as December rolls around to tempt consumers into purchasing Christmas goods as part-and-parcel of getting into the holiday spirit. Don’t be surprised to see more than the traditional pine tree, ornament and tinsel at your local Christmas market – take a look at these interesting Christmas inventions designed just for the holiday season.

Fire Extinguishing Christmas Tree

self extinguishing xmas tree

Did you know that U.S. firefighters respond to about 200 Christmas tree fires each year? Prevention is key and the self extinguishing Christmas tree is here to save the day. This patented invention utilises a mechanism for automatically releasing a ‘fire retardent agent’ upon fire detection. Your Christmas tree won’t be an eyesore with this invention as it also doubles as an ornament!

Snowball Maker & Thrower

snowball maker thrower

This patented invention may be a children’s toy, but snowball fights are for all ages! Upgrade your fighting skills with the snowball forming and throwing toy which includes an ‘interiorly patterened cup’ and ‘hollow handle control holes’ to release snowballs with greater precision. The toy’s open mouthpiece tool also works as a noise-making bugle.

Portable Time Locked Container

portable time locked detector

Too impatient to wait for Christmas day to open your presents? Stop yourself and others from ruining the fun with the portable time locked container. This patented invention uses a time and date specific mechanism to prevent others from opening the container prior to the chosen time and date. Once set, the container automatically unfasten its lock to be opened up manually.

Christmas Tree Watering Ornament

christmas tree watering ornament

Ornaments as multi-use devices are clearly a popular idea as this patented invention compliments the look of your Christmas tree and prevents it from drying out in the winter cold. The tree watering ornament functions as a ‘funnel system’ including a flip-top lid which reveals the water reservoir connected to a tubing as long as four to five feet. Watering your Christmas tree is as simple as opening the ornament and pouring ample amounts of water into it. Voilà – let your gingerbread ornament do the job for you.

Motion Detector Sound Generating Costume

motion detector

Spreading Christmas cheer gets easier with this invention. The motion activated sound system enclosed in a costume allows the individual wearing it to generate audio depending on the rate and forcefulness of the individual’s movements. Don’t be surprised if you see Santa Claus on a run with festive tunes blasting from his outfit before Christmas!

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