5 Inventions You Can Patent As An Inventor

5 Inventions You Can Patent As An Inventor

A patent is a form of intellectual property granting exclusive rights to the ownership, use and production of inventions.

Patentable inventions come in different shapes and forms, ranging from a diverse field of studies. If an invention satisfies a set of criterias, then it is deemed eligible to be protected under patent law. 

As an inventor, securing a patent for your invention allows you to reap the rewards of your idea and creativity. Here are five inventions you can potentially patent as an inventor. 

1. Software Patent

Software inventions include invention steps in the areas of computer programming and technology. These innovations can include software applications, programming languages, algorithms or unique processes addressing particular issues across various sectors. 

Examples of patented software included HTML patent, Java patent and Instagram filters patent. 

2. Pharmaceuticals, or Drug Patent

Pharmaceuticals play an important role within the healthcare industry in developing life-saving drugs and innovative treatments. Patents within the pharmaceutical field are crucial for protecting innovations such as drug and medical formulations. The protection of drug development can last up to 20 years. 

Drug patents have existed for a long period of time tracing back to the 17th century. The earliest English patent medicine was Turlington’s Balsam of Life. Today, an example of a recognisable drug patent would be Panadol. 

3. Medical Device Patent

Also within the healthcare industry, medical devices are integral to the treatment of various illnesses and diseases. Existing inventions for diagnosing and treating patients include thermometers, blood pressure monitors, pacemakers, imaging equipment and many more. These devices are considered as medical innovations eligible to be patented. 

There are several medical device patents, including utility patent (the most common type of medical patent protecting a new process or machine), provisional patent (first-to-file patent) or design patent (protecting the aesthetics of a medical device). 

4. Plant Patent

Plant patents are granted to inventors who have discovered, or invented, a new and distinct plant with the condition of the plant being reproduced asexually. Asexual reproduction includes reproducing a plan via methods such as cutting or grafting. This is a requirement for plant patent protection as asexual reproduction proves that the plant can be cloned and replicated by the inventor. 

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5. Business Method Patent

Business patents revolve around operational methods, in particular new business strategies to streamline ways of conducting business. This includes inventive methods to e-commerce, banking and tax compliance methods. Business method patents may or may not include the use of technology. 

An example of a business method patent is the anti-fraud system existing in ATM machines. Two factor verification, or more commonly known as 2FA, is also an example of a patented business method. 

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