Snow Much Fun! Five Creative Christmas Patents

Snow Much Fun! Five Creative Christmas Patents

Sleigh this holiday season with these ingenious Christmas inventions!

Trinkets, ornaments and Christmas-themed goodies are part and parcel of celebrating winter’s most coveted festival. With Christmas markets selling every festive product imaginable, it is becoming more and more difficult to think up crazier inventions each passing year. Well, you don’t have to! Leave the work to these inventors who created unique inventions with the festive season in mind.

Santa Claus Detector (US5523741A)

santa claus detector patent.png

This Christmas stocking is no ordinary stocking. Sure, you’ll be able to fill it up with treats, but it has a better use – to announce the arrival of Santa Claus! The stocking contains a switch, power and light source and uses an ‘entity detecting’ technology to light up, hence announcing the arrival of Santa Claus. A great invention to keep the children away from opening their presents prior to Christmas Day and it doubles as decoration on the fireplace.

Naughty or Nice Meter (US20080299533A1)

naughty or nice Christmas patent

All you need is the Naughty or Nice Meter to let your kids know if they’ve been naughty or nice. Let the communication be visual, rather than verbal. This invention contains twelve behavioral questions determining the naughty or nice factor of the child, such as ‘say please and thank you.’ The lowest score, indicating naughty behaviour, is ranked at zero. The highest score, indicating nice behaviour, is ranked at five. The meter then calibrates to the behavior of the child. Without a doubt, this invention keeps your kids on their toes (and their best behaviour, too).

Smoke Detector Christmas Tree Ornament (US5396221A)

smoke detector Christmas tree ornament.png

Unsightly household appliances begone. Replace them with something festive and decorative instead, such as this smoke alarm disguised as a Christmas tree ornament. This invention contains a power source and a control circuit of an alarm with both devices connected to a lamp. To notify the owners of a possible emergency or repair, the lamp will distinguish in the case of an incident.

Santa Claus Visit Simulator (US20060116049A1)

Kit for simulating a visit by santa claus patent.png

Everything you need to get Santa Claus to climb through your chimney. The simulator contains a kit with props inteded to signal to the children a visit from Santa has occured, including a how-to guide to make the event seem extremely realistic. Items include ‘reindeer food’ and ‘sleigh driving license.’ One for enchanting the younger ones with Christmas magic.

Edible Gift Wrap for Pets (US20130149418A1)

Edible Gift Wrap for Pets patent

Finally, something for the house dogs and cats! The edible gift wrap invention is made from heavyweight edible paper and a sheet of gift wrap made of lightweight edible paper. Furthermore, there are different flavours to choose from. Treats can be placed inside the packaging, thus allowing pets to chew their way through their present. A treat within a treat, what a treat!

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