Hop Into Lunar New Year Patents In 2023

Hop Into Lunar New Year Patents In 2023

Gong Xi Fa Cai (恭喜发财)!

Lunar New Year rolls around each spring and this joyous celebration draws family and friends together to celebrate a fresh chapter of the calendar year.

As expected, the holiday season commemorated by many around the world is anchored by traditions such as visiting one’s elders, lion dances for good luck and gifting mandarin oranges to symbolise well wishes. There are various practices associated with Lunar New Year, and surprise surprise — some traditions are actually patented! 

Here are three Lunar New Year traditions with patents associated with them.

Red Packets (红包)

red packet

The traditional red packet is typically a red envelope for the purposes of gifting money by friends and family to those who are young and unmarried. Red symbolises prosperity, thus the gifting of red packets represents a blessing to the receiver of good fortunes in the New Year. 

A few of us are far more innovative when it comes to the use of red packets during Lunar New Year. A red packet invention has been patented whereby the object doubles as both a red envelope and an ornamental item to be hung on walls.

The design of patent JP2967146B2 aims to enable the repurposing of red envelopes upon the end of Lunar New Year festivities.

Fireworks (烟花)


Fireworks are a staple during Lunar New Year. The intention of setting them off during the festive period is to ward away evil spirits and bad luck, which in turn, invites in a safe calendar year ahead.

However, few have began to turn away from this practice due to concerns related to pollution and environmental issues stemming from the use of fireworks.

Patent EP0620910 is designed to solve this issue as this invention uses drones in addition to displays and drops to recreate ‘fireworks’ in the sky with decreased environmental impact as compared to traditional fireworks. The patent was filed by Disney Enterprises just three years ago.

Lion Dance (舞獅)

CN 105538319 A

Lion dances are often performed at houses or businesses to bring in propserity for the new year. The figure of a lion represents power and wisdom, and the lion itself is believed to be an auspicious animal. The lion dance is usually accompanied by clashing cymbals and a band, which recreates a festive atmosphere for the onlookers.

Lion dances are usually performed by troupes. However, this invention negates the need for human performers.

Patent CN105538319A is invented for those who are looking for an automated lion dance troupe. This invention uses motor, levers and ropes to synchrionise a dance to be performed under electricity and energy saving conditions.

May it be a blessed and auspicious New Year for us all!

A very Happy Lunar New Year from Quality Oracle.

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