Huawei and Amazon Enter Patent Licensing Agreement

Huawei and Amazon Enter Patent Licensing Agreement

Litigations resolved between Huawei and Amazon as both companies enter patent cross-licensing deal. 

Ongoing litigations between China’s Huawei Technologies and U.S. tech giant Amazon have come to an end as both companies signed off a multi-year patent licensing agreement just this week. Further details remain unreported beyond Huawei’s official announcement (link). 

Huawei’s head of intellectual property rights department, Alan Fan, has clarified that the Chinese company has closed its lawsuits against Amazon in Germany. In December 2024, Amazon received a sales ban from the Munich Regional Court concerning Wifi patents linked to Huawei. 

Amazon was discovered to have infringed upon Huawei’s patent via wifi router products in Germany just last year. As a result, the U.S. company was banned from selling their products in the country. Huawei has taken Amazon to court for relief, recall and damages amongst other concerns.

Vice president of intellectual property for Amazon, Scott Hayden, has responded to the proceedings: ‘Amazon respects Huawei’s worldwide patent portfolio, innovations, and contributions to the standardisation process. Amazon also respects Huawei’s efforts to licence its patents to companies like Amazon, which frequently use industry technical standards when inventing new products and services for customers.’ 

Amazon is not the only one as Huawei also disclosed a cross licensing patent agreement with domestic smartphone manufacturer Vivo. Similar to patent agreements established with third party Chinese smartphone manufacturers such as Xiaomi and Oppo, Vivo’s deal includes communication technologies such as 5G. 

The agreements reflect Huawei’s willingness to cooperate with both domestic and international companies on the front of technological development. The company has been adept in protecting its patents as the Chinese tech company has also presented lawsuits to companies such as Netgeear and Fritzbox due to similar wifi patents.

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