Love Is Patent: Valentine’s Day Inventions to Keep You Loved Up

Love Is Patent: Valentine’s Day Inventions to Keep You Loved Up

Valentine’s Day is often celebrated with universal gifts across the world: roses, heart-shaped chocolate and a card full of romantic sentiments. But what if your idea of a perfect gift is one that is out of the box? 

Plenty of inventors are ahead of the curve for unconventional gift giving during Valentine’s season. Take a look at a few of these fun and unique inventions created for the season of love, or simply for expressing affection to your better half.

Flower Printing

flower printing

Inventors Harris, Lassetter and Rodriguez’s printing invention gave Valentine’s Day flowers a heartfelt twist as their creation enables the printing of messages onto organic products such as flowers and the like. The patent filed specifies the invention as ‘Providing customised text and imagery on organic products’ which will allow users to personalise each product to their desire, either with texts, icons or a combination of both.

Heart Shaped Diamonds

heart shaped diamond

There is nothing more reminiscent of Valentine’s Day than the shape of hearts. To give your diamonds a special V-Day touch, inventor Haimoff came up with a new process of making heart shaped diamonds. The patent for the method was filed in 2001 and contains a series of steps for making a heart shaped diamond and setting.

Heart Shaped Pepperoni Slice

pepperoni slice

There is no escaping heart shaped items on February 14th. Prefer food over diamonds but want to retain the Valentine’s Day spirit? Inventor C. Arbaugh presents the heart shaped pepperoni slice. The ornamental design was patented in 2003 by USPTO. What an invention for eating your heart out!

Love Clock

love clock

The love clock is sure to remind your partner of your affections every so often, in fact, on the dot of every hour. The patent for the design was filed by inventor McGill in 1994. McGill’s reimagined clock replaces a regular chime with the message ‘I love you!’ which rings on the hour.

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