Malaysia Proposes Patent Protection for Musang King Durians

Malaysia Proposes Patent Protection for Musang King Durians

Malaysia has begun to propose patent protection for Mao Shan Wang, or more commonly known as Musang King, a popular durian variety in the region. 

As reported by the New Straits Times, Malaysia’s Agriculture and Food Security Ministry deems the decision to patent the Musang King at an international level as crucially important so as to identify the durian variety as a product of Malaysia. 

On June 27, Agriculture Minister Mohamad Sabu stated the Musang King variety ‘must be recognised as a Malaysian product’ due to its popularity overseas, namely in China. 

Products enjoying patent protection tied to their places of origin, such as Kobe beef (regions of Japan) and sparkling Champagne (regions of France), give incentive to the Malaysian Agriculture Ministry to patent the Musang King as a product originating from Malaysia. 

In 2022, Malaysia exported durians totalling up to RM1.14 billion, with China being the top export market for Malaysian durians with a total number of RM887,000 million within the same year. 

In recent times, Malaysia and China signed a memorandum of understanding (MoU) to sanction the export of fresh durians from Malaysia to China. Previously, only durian paste or pulp were allowed to be exported, and frozen durians were only recently allowed in 2018. 

Musang King durians are one of the most coveted durian varieties around the world. Known for their creamy texture and strong aroma, Musang King is highly priced compared to other durians due to increasing demand and limited quantities. The durian variety can cost up to RM60 per kilogram, with the most expensive Musang King sold at a price of RM185,000 in Pahang late last year. 

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