Phrases You Never Knew Were Christmas Trademarks: Part 2

Phrases You Never Knew Were Christmas Trademarks: Part 2

Your favourite Christmas film most likely has a trademarked title.

Last week we featured three Christmas musical hits with trademarked song titles — several renowned Christmas films, more specifically movie titles, are too registered and protected by trademark law to prevent third parties from using and profitting off festive phrases created by inventors of the films.


A cross between a musical and fantasy film, The Polar Express premiered in 2004 and raised a grand total of $286 million during the film’s initial run. Forbes named the film as the third highest grossing Christmas film of all time, signifying its popularity as a festive favourite even decades later. The film gave inspiration to other avenues of business, such as video games, toy trains and train trips marketed under the same name.

‘The Polar Express’ was filed as a trademark in September 2014 by the same company who produced the film, American mass media company Warner Bros. Entertainment Inc. The trademark is registered for the sale of Christmas tree ornaments, metals and alloys, bells, decorations and games.


How The Grinch Stole Christmas! is another Christmas fantasy film featured on the list of highest earning Christmas films of all time. Released in year 2000 by Imagine Ent. and Universal Pictures, Grinch was created as a spin off Dr. Seuss’s 1957 children’s literature of the same name.

‘How The Grinch Stole Christmas!’ was registered as a trademark in May 2017 under the ownership of Dr. Seuss Enterprises, L.P. for the use in producing and selling digital children’s books, downloadable computer software and various forms of digital media.

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Merry Christmas Ya Filthy Animal was made famous by Christmas classic film Home Alone 2, but the phrase originated from 1938 noir film Angels with Souls which was heavily featured across the Home Alone series. Due to the popularity of Home Alone, Ya Filthy Animal is heavily associated as a Christmas saying. Copyright infringement lawsuits have surfaced due to retailers selling similar goods featuring the phrase.

‘Merry Christmas Ya Filthy Animal’ was filed in February 2015 and successfully registered as a mark in May 2016. The trademark is owned by EDS Industries for the sale of Christmas ornaments and decorations.

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