Three Future Forward Patents from Ford Motor

Three Future Forward Patents from Ford Motor

Ford Motor Company possesses a large patent portfolio, comprising of 42657 granted patents and a total of 79017 applied patents internationally.

Founded by Henry Ford, the American automobile manufacturer has 58% of active patents with the highest concentration of patents in the United States, followed by Germany and China with 19013 and 16639 of filed patents each. 

The company’s research and investment in machine learning and artificial intelligence has led to multiple impressive advancements in its automobile technology. Here are three future forward patents originating from Ford Motors: 

Car Repossessing Patent Technology

Earlier this year, Ford Motor filed for a patent on car-repossession technology under the condition of missed car payments. Devices to prompt repossession includes locking the owner out of their own vehicle, shutting down key fobs or door locks and disabling the car’s air conditioning, or worse — the engine itself. Cars may also self-drive to repossession lots if overdue payments aren’t acknowledged within a period of time.

The filing acknowledges such technology ‘may cause an additional level of discomfort to a driver and occupants of the vehicle.’ The company has stated their intention to merely patent the technology and no current plans to deploy car repossession technology is in place or active. 

Wireless EV Charging Patent 

Ford Motor is bringing an upgrade to electric vehicle charging systems with a focus on eliminating reduced charging power from wireless charging system to vehicle. In its patent application, the company describes potential interruptions which could occur when EV charging is in process, particularly when metal objects are in close proximity to the charging equipment. 

The patent technology includes camera surveillance to identify objects that could disrupt EV charging, and subsequently notify the owner using flashing lights or beeping sounds. The patent includes the use of cameras, lights and speakers installed in the vehicle as a solution. 

Dive Plane Patent

Ford Motor filed for a patent involving deployable dive planes attached to vehicles for improved aerodynamic performance. The patent makes a distinction between fixed and deployable dive planes with claims of flexibility for the latter type. One example given is retractable rear spoilers familiar to fast cars, where the wings of the car are heightened for maximum downforce and subsequently lowered to reduce drag. The patent is designed for optimal performance and consumer confidence in the aerodynamic properties of the car, states Ford Motors.

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